Supporting Migrants Every Step of the Way

Throughout history, people have left their homelands in hope of finding better opportunities, safety and a better life for them and their families – ambitions all of us aspire to. Migration is a brave physical expression of the human will to triumph over danger, poverty and misfortune, to take one’s life into their own hands and gamble on a brighter future.

On December 18, STEPS recognises International Migrants Day, a day established by the United Nations to acknowledge the positive contributions which can be made through international migration.

International Migrants Day also emphasizes respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms of all migrants, and the importance of strengthening international cooperation.

Settling into a completely new country can be a challenge for anyone, but it is particularly daunting for someone who has recently migrated and is new to the Australian culture, language and workforce.

With this understanding, STEPS Education and Training offers a helping hand for those who need that extra help gaining language and job skills necessary to secure and settle into work in Australia.

STEPS Education and Training supports migrants to Australia through its Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) which offers free English language lessons to eligible migrants and humanitarian entrants in Casuarina, Palmerston and Alice Springs.

STEPS’ Darwin campuses also provide opportunities for a smoother transition into employment in Australia through Ready for Work (Settlement Language Pathway to Employment and Training), a sub-program of AMEP.

STEPS Education and Training Executive Manager Joel Stevens says their aim is not only to provide quality education and training to students to enhance their life in Australia through language skills, but also to provide a “place of support, to build community and friendships.”

“Learning through our AMEP and Ready for Work programs is fun as well as meaningful for students, taking place in a friendly environment where students feel supported,” Joel says.

“We relish in the wonderful melting pot that is our classrooms, that brings together our students’ stories and rich cultures.”

STEPS’ AMEP classes teach English language skills directed towards helping migrants settle successfully in Australia alongside people with similar backgrounds, experiences and goals. The classes present Australian values, cultures and laws and a range of topics that will make it easier for new arrivals to work, study and enjoy life in Australia. Topics include life skills, culture, loss of family or friends, health and safety, managing money and banking, public transport and driving, the childcare and education system, the medical system and services and the law and legal systems.

Class times are flexible to fit in with family, work, or other study commitments. Students have the option of attending classes during the day or night, on the days and times that suit them best.

For more information on STEPS AMEP’s free English lessons for migrants, call 1300 585 868 or visit www.stepsamep.com.au.

Migration is a powerful driver of economic growth, dynamism and understanding. It allows millions of people to seek new opportunities, benefiting communities of origin and destination alike.” — UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

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