AMEP eligibility

To be eligible for the program, an individual must:

  • be in Australia
  • not have vocational English or above as outlined in the Vocational English Specification, under the Act
  • comply with registration, commencement and completion time limits if their a Visa Commencement Date (VCD) is after 1 October 2020,, noting extensions may apply (see 2.2 Time limits and 2.3 Extension to time limits)
  • meet at least one of the following
    • hold a permanent visa
    • hold an eligible temporary visa as specified in the Temporary Visa Classes Instrument
    • have previously held a permanent entry permit or permanent visa and has become an Australian citizen
    • if the individual is aged under 18 years, have at least one parent who has held or holds a permanent entry permit or a permanent visa.

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